Analogy Anthology

This blog originated as a way for me to explore my artistic process, but it’s been generally fluid and has become a dumping grounds for anything on my mind.

The other night I as I was sitting in some business class, my mind wandered (gee I wonder why), and I began to think of what I perceive is an ironic perspective about the relationship of government and business. And I’d like to expand on this for the next few posts, which will hopefully be less sparse.

The jist of the problem as I see it is that business purports to be concerned with ROI- return on investment, lowering costs (everything that it takes to run the business including inventory, through-put(sales, demand supplied), and operating expenses). They (conservatives, simplified thinkers, etc) assume one: that the government somehow by nature can not be concerned with these same aspects, and two: that private businesses are by nature better at producing a higher ROI aka they are more efficient. This is the argument behind a reduction in government run programs, and avoiding a government run healthcare program.

I hope to create analogies from the business world to show that if we treat the government like a business and not like a parent or a piggy bank we could have everything we ever dreamed of.

So here’s my general outline for then next few posts (mostly so I don’t forget):
Incentives: A department to whole relationship
R&D: A cost center, but also a profit center
Under-performing Assets: What to cut loose


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on February 23, 2010.

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