10 things I love about Boo

Yesterday was my wife’s and my 10th together anniversary and 7th wedding anniversary. So in honor of this occasion I present in no particular order . . .

10 things I love about my wife, 7 of which are true:
She enjoys going to my flag football games even when she’s tired
She listens to me when I’m pontificating
She pretends to listen to me when I’m pontificating
Uh, Boobs
She’s smart enough to not be satisfied with mediocrity (enough thought that’s resulted in a 10 bachelor’s degree)
She’s proud of me, even when I do silly things
She’s an emotional anchor when I feel like a loser
She respects my awesome intellect
She laughs at my incredible wit
She puts up with my unmatched ego


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on October 22, 2009.

One Response to “10 things I love about Boo”

  1. I am also an awesome snuggler, I make a mean mac and chreese, and, oh yeah, BOOBS! I love you:)

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