Your Mom has gone too far . . .

It’s border line, this compulsion I have to make fun of the “your mom” response, by appropriating it, may have gone too far.

Stan: Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar was in “The Color Purple”

Me: Your mom was in “The Color Purple”

I may need help . . .

Also I told Jesse he’s so gay it should be a sin. What is wrong with me?


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Your Mom has gone too far . . .”

  1. Chad and I normally take it a step further, so that “face” comes after mom, and then Ciro and I have started adding “pants” after that. So the exchange might read:

    “Your mom was in The Color Purple.”
    “Your face is the color purple.”
    “Your pants are purple.”

    I imagine a day when we finally add “baby” to the list, thus enabling “your baby turned purple” and the sentence “your mom’s baby’s face looks like pants.”

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