I’m Convinced My Roommate Suffers from Brain Damage

And furthermore that it stems from Anorexia Nervosa.

She’s displays the classic symptoms of this disorder (specifically overly concerned with body image, excessive exercising, making food for others and not eating it) which can cause brain damage as well as a host of other delightful impairments (liver failure, coma, arthritis, kidney disease and failure).

I say this because, first of all she doesn’t believe in evolution, but teaches children about dinosaurs. And a few minutes ago I after taking out the trash, I came inside to see her attempting to replace the trash bag with a recycling bag. Our city has a specific color assigned to recyclables that you buy from the city. By itself that might not be so weird, but I asked her why she was getting a new bag when there was an empty bag in a container labeled “recycle” next to the bag-less trash can. And she said oh, this isn’t for the trash? No. (which she knows already, this isn’t new information) she also happened to have a plastic bottle she was trying to recycle, which she then indicates and says this is recyclable though right? Uhhmm. Yeah.

Was this a misunderstanding? I’m confused. There was clearly a receptacle for recyclables and it was empty (as in the opposite of full) and she’s never seen any color but a black bag in the trash can. And she’s lived here a least half a year.

Therefore the only answer is permanent irreparable brain damage. And/Or I just hate her, and want her to pay me rent and live elsewhere.

Oh, and she doesn’t understand why the government won’t give her government scholarships for school when she’s defaulted on a government loan. Despite the fact that it clearly states this on every financial aid website, that those are just the rules. I wouldn’t give money for free to someone who refuses to pay the money they borrowed, and I am the government. “But I’m not asking for a loan . . .” . . .hate. . .


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on September 3, 2009.

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