Track marks.

Stan and I went for a walk while we were stuck in the Buckeye State. We found doe and fawn tracks, and then came upon a straight line of odd pawed tracks. We examined them for a while and debated what they might be. The four divots made it seem like it should be a large cat, or dog but there wasn’t a large pad to support this assertion. On top of that its tracks were literally in a straight line and unless the animal was walking on two legs, and just on its toes I was stumped. Then upon further examination I saw that the indentation wasn’t straight down or back, so this odd bipedal tiptoed wolf must have been walking backwards also. Then it occurred to me that the marks weren’t from one paw, but four all at once, and that the creature that left them was hopping in a straight line, and when Mr. Cottontail landed he created the forward indentations. Then I squealed with delight an internet search confirmed my suspicions. Not bad for an amateur, all that CSI watching came in handy.

Rabbit tracks in Ohio snow


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on December 8, 2008.

One Response to “Track marks.”

  1. Eeeee! This is the best story ever. Also, in the photo Stan just posted, y’all look like pirates. Or vikings?

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