Meditation in O-hi-o

Since I’ve spent most of my trucking career in Ohio, I feel this entitles me to a brief treatise on the state of the state.

Ohio is a manly state, by which I mean not that its macho, but that the influence of men abounds. Everything functions but isn’t presentable. Before I sound like a snob I should say its as if I was responsible for the maintenance of all 44,828 square miles of it. Doors open, and lock, but not because of replaced broken parts. Bathrooms work but aren’t clean. Everything machine squeaks, grunts, or squeals, but it moves. Every mile of farmland you see finds old barns with old houses. The cities dirty and real, its a production center. Its as if the whole state said, “Hey, you said fix it and I did. You want it pretty, do it yourself.” But no one seems to have the time, or the disposition. It’ll just get dirty again.

It squeaks too

I told Stan that the mechanics here know what they’re doing (they built the stuff), they just don’t have extra time. Here they fix it and quick, pretty or not, where as in Texas a mechanic will be happy to stare at your car for 12 hours and not fix a thing, because he (a she is a different situation) just doesn’t problem solve much beyond basic repair.

I’ll have more opportunities to study Ohio, because I seem to get stuck here often. Its still under revision, but this is my bare bones thesis.


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on December 6, 2008.

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