Within minutes after graduating from trucking school, I finalized my employment details with the company I start with on Monday.  Not only did they offer me a job before I was done with school, but they were one of 4 companies that did.  That was a boost to the old self-esteem, and it beats the snot out of the six months I spent looking for a job with a shiny new bachelor’s degree.

On top of that, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a job before.  Well except when I was hired as a Stage Manager at the Pocket Sandwich Theater.   And I hope I have as much fun trucking.

After about a month of training I’ll be left to my own devices, in my very own truck.  At which time I fully intend to explore artistic expression on the road.  Although I have some ideas to start with, such as pre-cut 16×16 ply-wood ‘canvases’ and something to do with road signs, I’m not really sure what direction it with take.  But photographs of course.

Beyond that, some sight-seeing, friend visiting, and postcard’ writing, maybe even some song writing (I’ve already worked out the chorus for “Where the f*ck is my truck?”)

As a side note: one of my instructors (a 72 year old small framed man who sounds like Mater from cars), in an effort to teach a rather dense student how a clutch should be used, made an analogy to the pressure one applies to someone’s neck with one’s foot.   Saying, “when you’re gonna let ’em loose, you slowly let off the pressure, and you’re ready to push it back down if they start to get uppity.”  So keep that in mind as you shift gears.


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on October 12, 2008.

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