Graffiti framed

A Dallas graffiti artist moves indoors to The Public Trust where he explores how far a graffiti technique can go in the fine art world.
Tonybones, who I believe is represented by The Art Prostitute, has spread his work all over Dallas, until the police asked him to stop.

I’m curious enough that I might go see the show. After all this is the Apples in Stereo of the Dallas art scene, at least I’ll be hip and indie. I like his work in the streets, it fits, it feels at home and interesting, a shift in your daily routine. Nothing like Banksy, mind you, but who can be.

I’m mostly curious, though, to see if by viewing the work in person, I’d want it less on a t-shirt and more on a wall.

I have only one more question. Why do so many male artists include penises in their work?


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on August 10, 2008.

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