DIY sewage analysis

Tuur Van Balen with the help of James Chappell (a bioengineer) developed the concept of Urban Biogeography tool. Theoretically this tool would used specially designed bacteria to detect and represent visually the concentration of hormones and drugs in sewage water.

But designed with handy fill tube that fits nicely through the keyhole of a manhole cover.

Tuur Van Balen has also been involved in project to sell London tap water by neighborhood. He highlights the unique properties of the district’s water and markets its accordingly.

If you think your water is unique want to brand your London neighborhood’s water go to his website. You can also read up on what he’s doing.


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on July 9, 2008.

One Response to “DIY sewage analysis”

  1. Ahahahahaha! This is is exactly the kind of stuff I think about all the time! Also, my friend Kerry will want to know immediately.

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