Nacogdoches, or better known as Nac-a-nowhere by the bitter SFA college students who wind up marrying the locals, is where I have spent the last few days.

My dad was in a motorcycle accident and is fine, out of danger, although he managed to break 3 out of 4 appendages, and his pelvis, so he can’t use any of them fully. Yet he is a testament to the use of a full face helmet. No (new) brain damage and not a scratch on his face, and he was wearing a full leather jacket (which I bought him for father’s day more than 10 years ago), and he wouldn’t let the paramedics cut it off of him (touching father-daughter moment).

Meanwhile, I’ve learned how to get around on “the loop” (state highway 59), and also learned the ever important Stephen F. Austin State University sporting event hand gesture (what the hell do you call that?). For those of you following along at home simply extend your index and middle finger of your right hand while curling your pinky and ring finger down into your palm. Stick the thumb out to make an ‘L’ (backwards from your perspective). Then with your arm extended in front of you, and the thumb up, pull your forearm up to form a right angle with your upper arm. This is your starting position (your axe) rhythmically extend your arm and return to starting position as you say the words “Axe ’em Jacks”.  This is because SFA students are the lumberjacks, and the girls are lady jacks.

As an alumni from a college with no football team, and the embarrassing unifying cheer of “T dub” (spoken ghettoly) I enjoying learning these little sporting event gestures (dammit what do you call those!?!). But the good thing about the Pioneers (Texas Woman’s University) is that the girls are simply known as the Pioneers, so stick it in your axes lady jacks and man jacks!


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on April 19, 2008.

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