More this later, but

I’m working a project that takes the way our culture treats blacks, and switching it with the way it treats gays. Gays cross class and economic status and are represented in nearly every field, they can do this because there is no physical characteristic make them easily defined. Blacks cannot hide their skin color, and therefore are subject to an immediate judgment of their character, were as you might not know the gay folks who work with you. The personal difference is family. I’ve never heard of an incident where a young black boy was kick out of his parents house for being black. This happens quite often as a young gay boy(or girl). The social difference, is that black is seen as a sufficient description of a person.

For example: Who forgot their purse? Some black lady. What did the robber look like? Uh, he was black.

What did the perpetrator look like? Uh he was gay.

I think this project is going to be fun, and I hope it will get the point across in a humorous way.


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on November 1, 2007.

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