Podcast number one done!

Soon to be posted, I’ve finally finished the first podcast. It still needs some touching up, but not too much. This one runs about eight and a half minutes, if the sound quality were better in spots it could hold that much attention, but I’ll probably stick to five minutes in the future. This took me much longer than I expected, but some of that was a learning curve on the software. I used Audacity, which is a nice basic editing program that is free (legally), but it is also irritatingly difficult to convert from their .aup format. I tried Garage Band, but it is not very intuitive even for someone who has working in sound before, probably better for composing.

Well the first podcast has to do with the artistic process (surprise), I interview two students (Jana McChesnee and Penny Bell) and attended an artist lecture (Susan kae Grant). I found many similarities in approach, as expected Susan’s idea were more polished, and well thought out. All three mentioned the importance of intuition in artist decision making, which was exciting and irritating. Exciting because it shows a commonality in process, but irritating because intuition is so vague and given so much weight, people gawk when you question it.

Given that intuition, emotion, and moral decision making all occur in the same area of the brain it makes sense we’d hesitate to question its validity. The artist creates with intuition and the viewer responds with emotion (and conservatives respond with moral outcry). Surprisingly, to me, one of the ways my work has changed, is to rely more on intuition, and have fun with my work (who knew art could be fun?).

Here’s a shot of a painting I’m working on as I type (I’m letting this coat dry):
Toilet Talk Show
Yes, its a toilet and a television. It makes me happy. They’re actually off shoots from another painting I did about 6 months ago:

Ah, the cell phone camera. If intuition is good enough for everyone else, I’m going to give it a try.


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on October 25, 2007.

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