Interviewing the Creative Mind

Considering that I’m focusing on the creative process and the mind, I’ve decided to start a pod cast of interviews with artists. I hope to get a mix of academic artists and, as they say, outsider artists. I’m probably more prepared for the visual artists, but I’d still like to interview dancers, musicians, film, and theater folk.

I’ve got the recording equipment (squeal of joy) and some questions, but I’m a bit iffy still. It makes sense to start with some people I know pretty well, both to practice my interviewing skills, and to make sure I set up the equipment correctly. The first few weeks will be a learning process, but I’m ready to get down to it.

Maybe I can figure this thing out: what the process means to artists, how significant it is. Which is more important, the process, or the idea? In some cases the idea is the process (think Pollock, Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman), and is that relevant anymore? And in other cases (conceptual art, DuChamp) the idea is paramount and the execution is less relevant.

The most important thing; can I get people to talk to me?!?


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on October 2, 2007.

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