Low hanging fruit.

Underwire supported Fruit
A phrase I heard from Dan Langendorf, my emerging media instructor at UTD that will now have a comfortable home in my vocabulary. According to him lists are the low hanging fruit of the web. I would add that, personally, so are pictures and links (this is why I gorge myself on Wikipedia). So have some fruit:

This is a list of Reasons I LOVE being an Artist:

(In no particular order)

  • ‘Because I felt like it’ is a valid reason.
  • It is an area where anything I’m interested can, and will be used to make work.
  • All of my abilities are an asset.
  • Having a different perspective.
  • I can be justifiably weird.
  • Hearing, “Where do you come up with this?” and not taking as an insult.
  • Making a piece that affects profoundly effects people.
  • Getting strange looks when I explain what I do.
  • Playing with stuff is part of my work.
  • Having a completely crazy idea and having it understood.

Here are the things I HATE about being an Artist:

  • Having to explain the difference between installation and decoration.
  • Having to reinforce the idea that Art is not practical, but is necessary.
  • Never having a piece completely done, just finished.
  • Hearing, “So what kind of job can you get with that degree?” (Helicopter Pilot)
  • Hearing, “Do you do weddings?” (Poorly)
  • Crisis of purpose.
  • Working for hours/days/weeks on a piece you are sure will work, only do be crushingly disappointed.
  • Never being fully appreciated or understood (in the most melodramatic way).

~ by The Great and Powerful RB on September 24, 2007.

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