What have I done?!?

This is some of the work I’ve done. The first one up is a project that deals with labels, and insults, the figures say pejorative things to each other like “You throw like a girl.” (for the male) or “That’s not very lady-like of you” (for the female). The phrases are cut and looped to create a rhythm, taking the power out of the words. The second piece title “Shelter from the Storm” creates an environment reminiscent of camping in a rainstorm. The video lights up the tent like a flashlight, all around you here the sounds of variations of rain. The video is 11 minutes looped and has a tendency to suck people into watching it for long periods of time. Almost like staring at a campfire. The final piece, for this blog deals with to quote the musical RENT “Living with not dying from disease.” Each clip board represents a chronic, and in some cases terminal illness. The aesthetic comes from medical encyclopedias where you pull a piece of plastic and remove the lymphatic system to reveal the skeleton. In this piece, instead you pull off layers of words to reveal a person’s face, and the body part affected. All layered together it is very confusing like when you try to explain to your friends and family what you have and what will happen.

Chit Chat

Shelter from the Storm

Living with it


~ by The Great and Powerful RB on August 30, 2007.

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